Organizing grass-roots citizens in their effort to limit High-Density Development in Harlem Township.

Welcome to Harlem Township

Harlem Township resident question to Township Trustees about development: “If 100% of Harlem residents wanted 5-acre lots only, would you still approve small 2-acre lot developments?”

Trustee Answer: “Yes.”

REGISTER NOW for notice of a referendum signing to place before voters a repeal of Township Zoning Plan High Density Development plan. Drive-by signing dates coming soon!

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Rules of collecting signatures for referendum to be put on ballot.

  1. Harlem Township residents only, age 18 and older.
  2. Must be explained the purpose of referendum and shown a map of the zoning changes proposed.
  3. Must be initiated and completed within 30-days of Township Trustee approval of the zoning change.
  4. Please ask people to sign the same signature they use on voting days. Signatures are compared to those on file at Board of Elections.
  5. Don’t let someone take the referendum out of your eyesight to get other signatures within a house.
  6. The pdf of the referendum must be one page not two, You will have to go and get printed on one page front and back.
  7. Make copies for yourself. Support your neighbors and fellow citizens. Schedule signings on multiple days. Use times when you are planning on grocery shopping, running errands and before/after church services to drive by and sign.
  8. Don't waste your time trying to convince someone to change their mind. Different opinions and perceptions in a democracy are good things, even if they disagree with you. Be polite and move to the next person. With 76% supporting large lot development (5 acres+) versus High Density Development we are in good shape.

Must be on 1 page (front and back).